Montgomery Family Law Attorneys

As a family law attorney, we deal with custody, divorce, support, protection from abuse, which is domestic violence. grandparents' rights, adoption, those are the primary areas that we deal with, but within each of those areas are different nuances. So, family law deals with all aspects of the family.

Often what we do is we try to educate people on what is going to happen and what could happen, and more importantly, what they need to do immediately to protect their custodial interests and, or their assets. What differentiates us from a lot of family law firms in this area is that when you come in and meet with us, you're gonna meet with us, it's gonna be me or my sister or Rebecca, and you're gonna talk about what has happened in your life and what the next steps are. We are highly specialized in family law, we only do family law, we are highly well-known within the market, the judges and the masters, this is all we do, we live and breathe it on a daily basis. Our job is to get you closure in your life and to effectively and efficiently negotiate and, or litigate your case.

[Maria] You should call our firm because we're experienced, we're straightforward, we have excellent customer service, and we wanna help you. We enjoy helping people through what is typically a very difficult time in their life.