• Thank you again Mr. Enrico for fighting and having your clients best interest at heart.
    I never write these reviews but after my experience with Mr. Enrico, I felt compelled to do something and share my experience. I was falsely accused by ex whom I broke up with of a form of abuse. I first consulted with Mr. Enrico whom immediately asked for texts even though I was not his client at that time and stated he would read through them and take time out of his busy schedule and give me an assessment of what I was facing. Mr. Enrico returned my call within two hours and basically stated this was a false PFA that should not have been given and gave me advice on how to move forward even if I wasn't going to retain him. The obvious choice I retained him went into court and through his great knowledge and stand firm approach with the petitioner attorney he was able to let them know we would stand firm and not accept any deals due to me his client committing no form of abuse towards the accuser. Because of Mr. Enrico approach the petitioner attorney was able to convince his client this matter was a lost cost and to withdraw their PFA which will be completed this week. I thank Mr. Enrico for his help and stand firm approach and will recommend him to family or anyone else whom I know if they are ever an a unfortunate matter as this and the future and recommend him to you whom reads this review. Thank you again Mr. Enrico for fighting and having your clients best interest at heart.

    - Former Client

  • Great attorney.
    I hired Mr. Pagnanelli to handle my divorce. He had been referred to me by a friend who is also an attorney, but who practices in a different area of law. Mr. Pagnanelli did a fantastic job in handling a complex divorce, a very contentious custody trial and our various support proceedings. He was fair and upfront with what to expect in the divorce and with what tactics to use in achieving results. Mr. Pagnanelli told me from day one that his goal was to settle the case and not run up the bill. He was true to his word. Unlike most attorneys, who in my experience try to file motion after motion when a simple negotiation can resolve the case, Mr. Pagnanelli actively sought to negotiate a settlement from day one and I really appreciate his work. Great attorney.

    - John B.

  • I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Testa if you need a top-notch professional!

    Maria is an outstanding attorney who puts the needs of the client first. She has an excellent knowledge of family law and is always available, even on weekends and at home after the birth of her baby. She is honest, compassionate and knows the system. She treats the client with respect and always has time for questions or concerns. I could not go through the difficult circumstances of my divorce without Maria.

    These women have helped me through some very challenging times. I have the utmost respect for them. I wish them the very best and am certain that they will achieve their goals through hard work and compassion."

    I secured Ms. Testa as my divorce attorney after a strong recommendation from a previous client of hers. Immediately, upon meeting her for the first time, I knew I wanted to secure her as my legal representative. For her firm's reputation and high caliber of performance, I found her to be more than fairly priced. Not only is she timely and responsive, but she is well-known and respected in the court system. She is articulate and detailed with every filing she has made for me, and she is very good at explaining complicated legal issues so that I can understand them. Her knowledge of divorce law is impeccable, and when I've gone to court with her, you can see the good rapport she has with fellow lawyers, court personnel and Judges. I should also mention that her success rate has got to be amongst the best because she has won every argument I've had in court and I've been the defendant! My mind is at ease with her as my attorney. I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Testa if you need a top-notch professional!

    - Heather

  • Excellent attorneys.
    Excellent attorneys. I highly recommend Mr. Pagnanelli. He is ethical, reasonable and extremely competent. I hired Mr. Pagnanelli to clean-up the mess created by my previous divorce attorney. After wasting years getting no where in negotiations with my prior attorney (and thousands of dollars), it took Mr. Pagnanelli just a few weeks to quickly and efficiently end my divorce on good terms. I was very happy with the result and with his effectiveness in negotiation.

    - Paul T.

  • Maria is definitely the one to call.

    Maria is refreshingly fierce in court - she zealously, steadfastly and most importantly, SUCCESSFULLY protected my interests in a very nasty divorce. She came well-recommended by my general counsel when I was faced with a divorce - and that recommendation was well justified. Her communication is excellent, often I got a reply within minutes of emailing her. She was always willing to answer questions, offer constructive advice on dealing with any issue that arose. She made it her business to be well-informed about every aspect of my case.

    Maria excels at research and brings an encyclopedic knowledge of the law to the table. At every turn of my divorce and custody case, she developed solid and well-considered strategies for dealing with the other side and she and her team handled every situation with finesse, professionalism and acumen. She is a superb legal writer and a tiger in the courtroom - a consummate professional. Additionally, while Maria is always a professional jurist, she also gets to know and care about her clients and the peculiarities of each childrens' case. This is a quality that not many attorneys have and I really came to appreciate it in Maria.

    Lastly but far from least, Maria's fees are extraordinarily reasonable - especially when you consider the level of service and skill she provides. I have paid other attorneys far more for far fewer results. Her retainers are both affordable and flexible, which is very helpful while fighting a divorce.

    All in all, she is a five-star attorney you can hire at a three-star price and I recommend her and her team without any reservation whatsoever. If you need a lawyer to help you in a divorce or custody dispute, Maria is definitely the one to call.

    - Andrew G.

  • I will forever be grateful for the hard work she put in.
    I was at my wits end, near penniless after a year long custody battle only to be dragged into court again for unfounded, untrue and baseless claims in thinly veiled attempts to diminish my custody time. I contemplated defending myself in court but realized quickly that I was in over my head and that while it may be expensive, hiring a true litigator was my only hope. I prayed feverishly about it and started searching for lawyers in the area. Thank God I found Maria Testa and Testa & Pagnanelli. I can't possibly say enough good things about Maria. When I say from the moment she took my case I went from a nervous, downtrodden, near beaten former shell of a man to a confident and self-assured client in the matter of a few minutes; you would almost have to see it to believe it. Her command of the courtroom is truly awe-inspiring. I think she actually intimidated opposing counsel to the degree where any objection or attempt at offense was nullified before she got out of the gate (literally, I saw them stutter and stare at their shoes at one point). I felt at ease and even when I felt like the odds were severely stacked against a divorced Dad seeking equal custody; she never let me feel or see that I had less than a fighting chance. I was confident going in and out of the courtroom BECAUSE my attorney was Maria Testa. As kind to her clients as she is knowledgeable about family law, she became like family. So much so that if I have a daughter I'd feel guilty if I didn't at least consider the name Maria. In all honesty, I have never seen a more capable and relentless lawyer take on the pursuit of true justice the way she did. And I will forever be grateful for the hard work she put in.

    - Dominic D.

  • Efficient. Aggressive. I highly, highly recommend him!

    I turned to Enrico after spending my entire savings on a larger and completely ineffective firm in Philadelphia with no results. After a year of no progress on my divorce, I was exhausted and angry. Enrico heard me out and immediately jumped into action with an aggressive approach. He was empathetic toward me, but operated with zero sympathy for the other side. It felt so good to have someone finally and truly be my ally! Anyone going through a divorce can understand how defeating and discouraging the entire process can be. I was at a point where I didn't want to fight my husband anymore - I just wanted it to be over, and I was conceding far too much. But Enrico went in swinging and demanded more for me than I ever thought to ask for. And he got it. He accomplished more in four weeks than the other firm had in 12 months. He let me make the final decisions, but always encouraged me to push for what I wanted and deserved. I came out with a fair settlement that I was very happy with.

    I always communicated directly with Enrico, and he returned my calls and emails with incredible speed. No frivolous invoices billing me for making photocopies or other ridiculous crap. Efficient. Aggressive. I highly, highly recommend him!

    - Kristin P.

  • I highly recommend working with Maria!
    I can not say enough good things about Maria and her staff. I highly recommend working with Maria! She doesn't treat you like a client she treats you like a friend or family. She is very direct and honest about what you should expect and the best way to handle it. At one point I had expectations of my divorce that weren't realistic. She very kindly explained to me the reality of how the courts would handle that situation and what would be a more realistic request to get the results I was looking for with the least amount of stress on myself. Maria has a genuine desire to do what is right for you and your needs. She is everything you look for in an attorney, kind, caring, genuine, direct, and honest with her clients. She will also fight for you to gain what is right and fair. I am more grateful to Maria and her team than I could ever express

    - Former Client