Attorney Bio- Maria Testa

I grew up in Pennsylvania. I grew up in a small area called North Wales, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. I actually currently live about four miles from where I grew up, which is surprising 'cause I never thought I would end up back here. In law school I did the Family Law course, and that was very interesting. The teacher was very excited about family law, which is, you know, not something you see a lot. I thought it sounded like a very interesting area to practice in. So, I did a summer internship for the next two summers at a firm that specialized in Family Law, and I enjoyed it. Family Law is very personal. So it gives you a chance to really get to know people on a different level. And everybody's story is different. I was more drawn to it because it allows your personality to come out a little bit more than other areas of law. I make sure that my goals are my client's goals because, they're putting their trust in me to get whatever they believe the best result possible is for them.