About Us

This is a firm that the foundation of our culture is, clients come first. This is one of those areas of law where you can't just shoot off an email and kind of dismiss anything. I mean, everything is so personal, and so it's really important to make people understand and to feel like they are being heard. Often I have people come to me, they've been in a prior law firm, their lawyer hasn't gotten back to them for three days. You have a completely different type of relationship with Testa and Pagnanelli. You will never wait for a call or a critical question to be answered. We're available seven days a week. We have never had an issue with a client in responsiveness. It just does not happen. We are a hardworking law firm. We do not quit at five o'clock. If something has to get done, it's done. We work really, really hard for our clients. We are very diligent in what we do. We are always prepared. We're very fair and we're reasonable. It's super, super important when somebody's going through some horrible emotional experience, they wanna make sure that when they call you, you call them back.

My job is to educate my clients and have a game plan, and try to effectively execute that, to not prolong the litigation, and to give them closure. I have three children of my own, and if I was all of a sudden getting divorced and I had to go to court and fight for my children, I would wanna make sure that whoever was with me and by my side was doing it because they felt like they wanted to really help me, and not just because they were getting paid to do this. So, I'm motivated because I do think that we help people. My goal for this firm is to continue providing the resources, and responsiveness, and zealous advocacy that my clients need to put their best interest forward, and we will continue to do that for many years to come.