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Keep safety a priority when leaving an abusive marriage

Being the victim of domestic violence can bring a lot of changes to your life. When you decide that you've had enough of the abuse, you might decide that it is time to leave. Try to do this before your life is placed in danger through the abuse. If you can safely do so, you should gather some information before you do. This might make the divorce process a bit easier.

Financial documents can help you during the property division process. If you're able to safely get things like the most current bank statements and proof of other financial accounts, you can use this when you're trying to divide up the assets and debts. Even if you can't keep the originals, copies can do the same thing.

These are the points the court considers in child custody cases

Child custody cases are often challenging because each adult has an idea of what they think is best for the kids. When these ideas don't match up, there might be a battle. Any parent who is going through a child custody case should understand how Pennsylvania treats these matters.

One of the most important things to remember is that this state's laws don't allow the court to look at gender when making decisions about parenting. This means that fathers and mothers are on an even level when it comes to raising the children.

Property division has an emotional component

A high asset divorce comes with some specific challenges. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional challenges that come with the end of the marriage, but you also have to work on figuring out what's going to happen with each asset and debt that's been accumulated during the union. The more complex your financial holdings, the harder it may be to predict what will happen.

When you're dealing with a trial that includes complex asset division in Pennsylvania, you can expect that the court will look at dividing everything up equitably. You might not get a fully equal split, but you should be able to walk away with a settlement that puts you on the best financial footing possible.

What should you prioritize when settling your divorce?

Divorce is going to change virtually every area of your life, and you are going to want to make choices now that will make sense long term. It can be overwhelming to know that what you decide now will affect you the rest of your life, but thankfully, you can feel more confident simply by prioritizing the right things. There is a lot at stake during a divorce, but securing a strong future is possible.

You are probably worried about several things when facing a divorce, but it is normal to be particularly concerned with your finances. If you are settling your divorce out of court, you are avoiding the stress of litigation, but you still have to focus on fighting for a fair and reasonable agreement. You may have to set aside temporary emotions and how you feel in the moment to focus on the long term.

Plan how to tell your children about your divorce

One of the most difficult things for parents who are divorcing have to do is tell the children. If you're in this position, you need to think carefully about what you're going to do so that you can take steps to ensure you're providing the support to the children.

You'll have to tailor the message to your children. Younger children might need very simple terms, but older children might need a bit more insight. If possible, you should tell everyone at the same time so that no children are forced to keep this major life change to themselves. Having you and your ex there is also beneficial because it ensures both adults know exactly what's been said.

Think about the practical aspects of property division

Your divorce is a personal experience that has to be handled according to your individual circumstances. It can be difficult to do this because of the emotional aspect of it. However, when you're able to put those feelings aside and make decisions based on what's best from a practical standpoint, you can benefit greatly.

The property division area of a high-asset divorce is often very challenging. Many people have emotional ties to some of the assets that have to be split. This can make it hard for them to let items go even when they don't really need or even want them.

Don't fall for gaslighting during your divorce

High asset divorces sometimes bring out the worst in people, but there are some situations that make them even more difficult than they'd normally be. If your spouse is gaslighting, you will likely have to deal with mental and emotional stress from the situation.

Some people don't realize that gaslighting is a factor in their marriage or divorce. Because of this, you should know some of the warning signs. You should remember that the goal of gaslighting is to make you feel like you're going crazy.

You can help your children cope with your divorce

Finding out that their parents are divorcing is a challenging point for children. It can lead to stress due to the major life changes that come with this situation. Children will handle things in various ways, so you have to try to address the ones that come up with your kids.

There are several things that parents can do to help their children during this time. It is imperative that you consider the situation, so you can determine which options are best for them.

Setting the record straight on divorce

There is an incredible amount of information on the internet covering a wide array of topics. One topic in which there is a plethora of information is divorce, but so much of it is conflicting, misleading or no longer true, so it's hard to know what to believe.

Some of the so-called "facts" on this topic cause a considerable amount of confusion, so it is time to set the record straight on at least some of them.

Victims of domestic violence often have trouble leaving

Domestic violence is a serious issue in this country. Around 28,000 calls are made per day to domestic violence hotlines, and a woman is beaten or assaulted every 9 seconds. One of out every three women have suffered from physical abuse at the hands of an intimate partner.

In some cases of domestic violence, the victim might decide that they've endured enough and opt for a divorce. This is a challenging situation because of the violence. They can't just file and move on with life like others would.

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