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Considerations for child support payments

Child support payments are made by one parent to the other to help cover the expenses of raising the kids. Since they are paid to the parent and not the child, it is easy for the paying person to forget that they are for the children. There are some things that both of them must remember about this financial matter.

First, the child support money can be comingled with household funds. It might seem like the recipient is using those funds to pay for a hair appointment or something similar; however, that might just be how the budget falls. As long as the child's needs are taken care of, the money is going to where it should be.

How can you secure access to your grandchildren?

When parents divorce or there is disagreement in a family, it often causes confusion and upheaval, sometimes affecting established relationships in the extended family as well. If you are a grandparent, you may experience a significant shift in the relationship you have with your grandchildren after a divorce. This can be heartbreaking, especially if you already have an established and strong role in their lives.

If you are no longer able to see your grandchildren due to a divorce or other type of family conflict, you may wonder if there are legal options available to you as the grandparent. Some Pennsylvania family law courts recognize the importance of this relationship, and it could be possible for you to secure access. However, there are various important factors to consider before you proceed with legal action.

Limitations and requirements might exist for summer vacations

The time for planning summer vacations is here now, so all families should start deciding on where they will go if they haven't already thought about this. It is imperative that parents who are divorced get moving on this now. The earlier you make these plans, the less stress you might have about the situation in general. One reason for this is that you may have notification requirements that demand you tell your ex about the dates and destination by a certain time.

We realize that it isn't easy to make these plans, especially if you have limitations on what you are allowed to do. One of the first things that you need to do right away is to review the parenting plan to determine what limitations and requirements you have. While you are doing that, look at the parenting time schedule to determine when you will have the children.

Abusive relationships can be hard to leave, but safety matters

Being in an abusive marriage is a tough situation to be in. You might want to leave, but you may feel like you have too many obstacles to make that a reality. There comes a point where you have to decide that your safety comes first and that you can't let anything stop you. It might help you if take a step back and look at the situation from the outside. What would you think about the situation if it was your parent or sibling in the same scenario?

Some of the more common reasons why people stay in an abusive relationship are that they believe the abuser's excuses, and they feel like they don't have the ability to leave. Both of these can be hard to overcome.

Divorcing business owners have difficult decisions to make

One of the most difficult things that some divorced people have to do is to figure out what will happen to the family business. This situation can put a lot of people in jeopardy, especially if the business has other employees on the payroll. We understand the pressure that this puts on you. We are here to help you evaluate your options so you can decide what is best for you.

Some people who are divorcing choose to keep everything the same with the company. This is possible if you can still get along professionally. If you choose this option, make sure that the duties of each person are clearly spelled out. You can also write out a compensation plan and include other specific information in the agreement so that both parties can refer to it if questions arise.

Immediate decisions that come with child custody cases

When you divorce your ex, you need to set up plans for the children. When they are in school, this can be challenging. You have to think about what is best for them, so don't focus too much on what you want. One of the most difficult decisions is often what parent they will live with. If you and your ex live in different school districts, the answer to this might be that the child needs to spend the majority of their time in the parent who lives in the district where the child currently attends school.

You can always evaluate having to change the school district after the current year ends, but it is often better to allow them to finish out the current year. This also helps them to be able to continue on with the extracurricular activities they have going. We know that you might have to make some sacrifices to make this happen, but you'll probably agree that they are worth it.

What happens when a couple divorces close to retirement?

Divorce is a complicated and emotionally charged process, but it can be especially so for two parties who are nearing retirement age. If you are over the age of 50 and moving forward with divorce, you may have significant concerns about how this decision will impact your financial future. A gray divorce is complex, but you can make choices that will help you keep your retirement dreams intact.

When an older couple divorces, both parties have fewer years to save and recoup losses before it is time to retire. You may wonder if your decision will completely derail your plans for your golden years. While your divorce will likely mean you will have to make financial adjustments, knowing what to expect and being prepared can help you avoid problems in the future.

Set a parenting plan that reflects the current needs

The key to making your child custody situation work is to have a solid parenting plan, but you can't just use a generic one. Instead, the plan has to be based on what your children need so that they can thrive. You and your ex will work together to come up with this plan. As you are customizing it, make sure that you set terms that are in your child's best interests.

Each decision that you make has to be based on how it impacts your children. One of the primary things you will have to decide is how detailed you want the agreement. Some parents want everything spelled out in as much detail as possible, but others want a bit more flexibility. There isn't any one way that is best for all custody situations. Instead, you need to think about how well you and your ex can come to mutually agreeable terms.

Unique considerations of a high asset divorce

A high asset divorce comes with some specific challenges that we need to address. You can't go into these situations without having a plan in place because you don't want to accidentally make the wrong decisions. We can help you review the options that you have so that you can make the decisions you feel are best for your own situation.

One thing that is unique about some of these high asset divorces is that they come with the need to determine what is going to happen to a business. When this is the case, there are usually three options that you have. You may sell the business and share the profits. One spouse might buy out the other's share. You might continue to run the business and just set specific duties for each spouse.

Decision-making powers can be an area of contention

Parents who are working out child custody agreements have to come to compromises in several areas. One of these is who is going to make decisions for the children. The way that you handle this is up to you, but once it is decided on, there doesn't need to be any deviation. We know that this might be a sensitive topic, but we are here to help you protect your interests during the negotiations.

When you are thinking about this matter, you need to take each category independently. The typical categories that are included are:

  • Health care
  • Education
  • Faith
  • Extracurricular activities
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