Attorney Bio- Enrico

This firm to me is my passion it's my life. I work hard to represent my clients and to defend them. My partner here at the law firm, Maria is my twin sister. I have an older brother, younger brother went to college down in Atlanta. I was in the business school at Emory University. Then went to law school at Georgetown. My mother pushed hard to have me come back to Philly. I'm glad she did. Ended up starting at a large international law firm here in Philly, Duane Morris. And then I worked at a series of firms after that. Formed Testa & Pagnanelli with my sister in 2013, we only focused in the Philadelphia surrounding counties. I've tried almost every area of law and I just didn't really enjoy it. I enjoy people, being around people and I love going to court. And Family Law is a really good balance of people, real problems, and actually litigating. we're lawyers, therapists, advocates, and we form real lasting relationships with our clients. So that's what led me to Family Law for life.