Montgomery County Divorce Attorneys

As your Montgomery County divorce attorney, the advocacy you can expect is experience. I have done this for over a decade. I do a very good job, so you're gonna get somebody who is hardworking, somebody who walks into that courtroom prepared, and somebody who knows all the laws that are applicable to your case. Divorce is, not only is it a super niche area of law, but it is very, very county-specific. You need someone in that county who knows those rules and the people in that county on a first-name basis, or else you're selling yourself short.

It's very important for a person to hire an attorney instead of handling on their own, because we know the law. We know what someone's entitled to or what they're not entitled to. So when people try and do it by themselves, they often lead a lot of assets or money on the table that they don't know that they would've otherwise been entitled to. If you try and file things on your own, most of the time it will get bounced back to you and not be accepted because you're not doing it correctly. Every county has different forms, every county has different procedures. So it is really important to hire somebody who knows those procedures and knows what forms to use, otherwise, you're just gonna be in an endless circle of not getting your divorce done.

Frankly, you'll be divorced a lot quicker with an attorney doing a property settlement agreement, filing the proper paperwork with the court, than you would as the pros say, "litigant." If you're considering divorce, you need competent representation. You need to call Testa and Pagnanelli today. All we do is family law. We are well-respected. We've been doing this for many years. We can put your best foot forward to achieve the absolute maximum result. We'll be straightforward, we'll be honest, and we'll be compassionate.