Child Custody

It's important to have an attorney during a child custody case, because it is arguably the most important thing you're ever going to go to court for. You wanna have somebody who knows what the law is, who is familiar with the court procedures, and perhaps how a certain judge historically will act, or decide on certain issues. You just don't wanna take a chance, it's your children. And so it's really important to have somebody there, who is advocating for you and who has the experience to really help you through the process.

At the end of the day, it's a very subjective and highly discretionary fact-based analysis, by a person you don't even know. And that's why it's critical to have an attorney that is familiar with the process, the court, and the judge in that county, to put your absolute best case forward. And that involves careful and meticulous preparation, and expert testimony if needed, and helping you learn how to testify and present the evidence and the facts, in the most favorable light to the judge, to get the best result.

When courts are deciding who gets custody, there are 16 factors that are applied under the statute. So when you go to court, you have to present your evidence and testimony, to make sure that all 16 factors are really addressed. There is no clear cut, this is how custody cases are decided. It is case by case, it is county by county. You just know what evidence the court wants to hear, and it's the 16 factors.

Custody is 100% fact-based. That's why it's so critical to learn the facts and prepare for your next time in court. I would say make the call, and let's have a discussion, and see if I can help you, or guide you in the right direction.