A Child's Attachment to Parents Is Important in Child Custody

One factor that must be included in determinations about child custody of young children is how the parenting model will impact the child's attachment to their parents. From a very young age, even within the first year of life, children form strong bonds with the adults who care for them. They need to be able to build on those relationships with their parents as they grow up; however, this can be a challenge with divorce.

While the attachment they have is understandable, it can make some situations difficult. Oftentimes, they turn to one parent when they feel anxious or upset. This can make it difficult for the other parent to comfort the child during and after the divorce. Finding ways to help the children can sometimes take creative thinking.

As time progresses, the bond between the child and both parents will likely evolve. The children will become accustomed to the new way of life and will likely be able to go to whichever parent they are with for comfort and advice.

Another consideration in these cases is that the children should have access to both parents, regardless of which home they are in at the time. This can be handled through text messages, phone calls and other virtual methods.

When you are trying to set up the parenting plan, the need for both parents to have time to spend fostering a relationship with the kids must be factored in. Not only does mean that there is a suitable schedule, it also involves limiting the conflict between parents so the adults can focus more on the children.

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