Property Division Is Challenging in High Asset Cases

Coming to the terms of a property division agreement can be a serious challenge. When you have considerable assets, you have to think about how each proposition might impact your finances right away and into the future. One category of assets that might have a big impact on this is the retirement accounts. You can't look at this according to the balance on these now, but you have to look at their worth down the road.

We know that this might seem like a lot to have to deal with. Fortunately, we are familiar with high-asset divorces and can work with you to help you learn about what options you have and how they might affect you. We want you to look at what you can do with your own income since you can't rely on the marital income any longer.

When you areĀ dividing the retirement accounts, remember that we need to turn to the court for the qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). This is given to the plan administrator so that they know how to divide the account. They must accept it, but there are times when there are problems with it. If this is the case, they will alert you and will provide you with the steps needed to correct the issue.

We are here to help you throughout the process. We want to protect your interests and ensure that you are getting what is in your best interests. You just have to remember that what you do now about property division can impact your life well into the future.

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