Flexible Parenting Time Schedules Work for Those in Some Careers

The child custody aspect of divorce is often one of the most challenging that you will have to work out when your marriage ends. You know that you need to do what is best for your children, but that has to be balanced with what you are able to do. This can take some creative custody solutions to address common issues.

One complexity of these cases is working out the parenting time schedule. You need to have one to follow for most of the year. You also need one for holidays and another for the summer.

Some parents don't have set working hours like others. People who work swing shifts or who have unpredictable hours might have a hard time with the schedule. The same is true for those who work on shipping vessels, long-haul truckers, and those in the military who might be deployed. Those who work in the medical field also might have difficulties with parenting plans.

We know that you might need to find out what is possible for your case. If you and your ex can work together, you may be able to set the schedule up to be flexible and accommodate both parents' work schedules. This would let you have the children when you are able to spend time with them and could stabilize your relationship with them.

As you work to set everything up, we can assist you during the process to ensure that it reflects your family's unique circumstances. This can help you as time progresses and protects the best interests of the children.

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