Infants Have Unique Needs in Child Custody Cases

Child custody agreements must be created based on what is best for the children. This means that an arrangement that works for a teen won't necessarily work for an infant. The child's age and needs can affect what is best for babies who are at the center of a custody case.

For parents of infants, there are a few considerations to think about when trying to come up with a plan for the child. One of these is whether the mother is nursing the child. If she is, visitation will the father might need to happen with the mother close so that she can feed the infant when necessary. As her milk supply stabilizes and once she is able to pump, she can provide the father with the milk so he can feed the baby when he has them.

Another consideration is how the baby will attach to the parents. In the past, it was thought that children fare better when they are with the parent with whom they have the primary attachment. It is now known that children can form an attachment to both parents as long as they are both involved with the baby.

It is usually best if the infant's parents can work together on the matters related to the baby. Because the child's needs will change frequently, this can help them ensure that they are doing what is best for the infant. The parenting plan should reflect the joint decisions that are made; however, some parents might find that the plan needs to be flexible so they can make things work.

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