Domestic Violence Victims Must Protect Themselves

Cases of domestic violence are challenging for the victims. They have to balance the need to remain safe with the need for life's necessities. Once they are prepared to leave an abusive marriage, they have some serious work to do. There is a chance that they will be able to leave without incident, but there is also a chance that their abuser might turn violent. For this reason, it is imperative that they take legal steps to help them be able to move on with their life.

One important step they must take is to get a protective order. This provides a legal barrier between them and their abuser. The abuser will be ordered to remain at least a specific distance from the victim and might be ordered to not have contact with them at all. If the abuser breaks the terms of the order, they can face criminal action, including arrest. We understand that this doesn't provide the victim complete protection, but it may be the reminder your ex needs to leave you alone.

Another important step is to sever ties with the abuser. This can be done by filing for a divorce. Oftentimes, these are going to be very contentious cases because the abuser will try to intimidate the victim into making certain decisions. For this reason, methods of resolution like mediation don't usually work. Instead, the victim will go to court to have the court decide what to do.

We know that this is a difficult spot for you, but you need to take the time to make a plan. We are here to help you through the process.

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