Why Would We Need a Forensic Expert to Evaluate Our Business?

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As a business owner, your divorce brings in complications to your day-to-day business. You may worry about keeping your business whole during your divorce and not splitting up ownership or assets. When you work with your high-asset divorce attorneys at Testa & Pagnanelli, LLC, you should express these wishes so they can consult the experts before you begin the division of property process.

What is a Forensic Expert?

A forensic expert is a specialist who can be consulted about your finances during your divorce and division of property process, such as a forensic accountant. Forensic accountants are commonly brought into a legal team for high-asset divorces when certain assets want to be safeguarded or there is a dispute in the value of an asset. They can also be consulted when business owners or those with complex assets divorce, to help value the business and prepare financial documents for the court.

Business Analysis

A forensic accountant can review your business’s financial statements to piece together all involved assets and ultimately create a valuation of your company. Your business valuation can be presented to the court so if necessary, it can be considered during the division of assets process. The forensic accountant can also help your attorney determine if your business will be considered separate property or marital property during your divorce with a review of your finances.

Montgomery County Divorce Attorneys

At Testa & Pagnanelli, LLC we understand that divorce as a business owner can be complex. Whether you own and operate your business yourself or you own a business with many employees, we understand your desire to keep your business whole and will advocate for that during the division of property.

Are you a business owner considering a divorce? Our high asset divorce attorneys can help! Call us at (610) 365-4733 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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