Breaking the News: How to Discuss Your Family Law Matters Over the Holidays

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The holidays are a time for family, friends, and loved ones. But what happens when the conversations turn to family law proceedings? This can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic to discuss around the dinner table, but it is important to remember that how you handle these discussions is ultimately up to you.

Managing Your Divorce During the Holiday Season

If you are currently going through a divorce, discussing it with your extended family may feel difficult. However, it is important to remember that you have options when deciding how to talk about your divorce.

Sometimes the best option is to keep things simple and focus on the positive changes in your life, like spending more time with your kids or having more financial freedom. Other times, it may be appropriate to discuss certain limitations you face as a result of your divorce, such as the need for a new family home or more time with your children.

No matter what approach you choose, it is important to remember that how you discuss your divorce is ultimately up to what will be best for both you and your family. By being honest and open about your situation, but also careful with how you phrase things, you can ease the transition and make it easier to enjoy your holidays with loved ones.

Keep Discussions Civil

It can often feel uncomfortable when dinner conversations turn toward divorce and custody matters, especially if both you and your spouse are attending the same holiday functions. It is important to remember to keep discussions civil, even if tensions are high. Keep in mind that your children may be present, and try to avoid speaking negatively about your spouse in front of them.

Another option is to simply avoid discussing the divorce altogether and redirect the conversation if it does come up. Remember, you are not obligated to share any information about your personal life with others, and it is important to prioritize your own mental health during a difficult time.

Protect Your Children's Interests

If there are children involved, consider their feelings and how they may respond to questions about the divorce. It may be helpful to have a plan in place with your ex-spouse on how to handle any conversations that may arise, especially if your children are around. If you and your spouse would like, you can ask family members not to discuss these changes with your children, or you can simply inform them that it is not appropriate to talk about these matters in front of your kids.

Addressing Other Family Law Matters

In addition to divorce, other family law issues, such as child custody or support, could come up during the holidays. Again, it is important to remember that you do not owe anyone an explanation for these matters.

If you choose to discuss them, consider discussing the positive aspects of the situation or focusing on the best interest of your children. It may also be helpful to have a plan in place with the other parent on how to handle any conversations that may arise.

If discussing these matters becomes overwhelming or stressful, remember that you have the right to redirect the conversation or excuse yourself from the situation altogether. The holidays should be a time for joy and celebration, not added stress.

Your Family Comes First

At Testa & Pagnanelli, LLC, our team of attorneys is here to help you create the best possible agreements for your family, no matter the time of year. Whether you need guidance with divorce, custody, or another family law issue, our team is ready to help.

If you have questions about how to discuss your situation over the holidays, or if you are looking for legal assistance with any aspect of your family law matter, call us today at (610) 365-4733 to schedule a consultation. We are waiting for your call!

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