Don't Fall for Gaslighting During Your Divorce

High asset divorces sometimes bring out the worst in people, but there are some situations that make them even more difficult than they'd normally be. If your spouse is gaslighting, you will likely have to deal with mental and emotional stress from the situation.

Some people don't realize that gaslighting is a factor in their marriage or divorce. Because of this, you should know some of the warning signs. You should remember that the goal of gaslighting is to make you feel like you're going crazy.

A person who is gaslighting will tell outright lies. Then, they will likely deny that they did. They don't care if there is proof that they told the lie, they will still claim they didn't say it.

They will often say one thing and do another. They try to wear you down over time, so they don't start the insanity all at one time. Their tactics will start out subtly and begin to get bolder and more pronounced as time progresses.

If they think that you are starting to realize what's going on, they might try to get back into your good graces by doing something positive. They understand that this can help them to confuse you, so you are thrown into a state of uncertainty.

They might accuse you of something they are doing, and they will try to pull people to their side, so they are against you. The person might accuse you of being crazy while they try to tell you that everyone else is lying.

Remember that you have to protect your best interests as you are going through a divorce. Your divorce team can help you learn your options and can stand up for you when necessary.

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