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A narcissistic ex can make child custody miserable

In the best of circumstances, co-parenting might be a challenge. This is compounded exponentially when your ex is a narcissist. Individuals who have this mental health condition aren't able to compromise like everyone else. They don't understand anything but getting their own way in everything. This presents a problem because neither parent always gets their way in child custody matters.

Narcissistic spouses impact the emotional health of their victims

When people think of domestic violence, they often think of physical abuse. They might not realize that many individuals who walk away from a marriage have been subjected to emotional abuse. For example, a person who's divorcing a narcissist has likely been dealing with verbal and mental abuse for some time.

Emotional attachment can make property division challenging

Out of the many stressful situations you may encounter when you divorce, the property division aspect of the legal case might rank close to the top of the list. The reason for this is usually two-fold. First, you know that you need to have a good settlement to help you build your new life. Second, you have to try to battle the emotional attachment you have to some assets.

Importance of direct parenting communication

Communicating with an ex isn't always easy, but it is necessary when you share children. Being able to do this in a mature and respectful manner is imperative in child custody situations. This sets a good example for the children, and it can help you come up with solutions to issues that put the child's needs first.

Divorce: Do you suspect a hidden asset problem?

Any number of issues may have arisen in your marriage to prompt your decision to file for divorce. Perhaps, you feel like it's been a long time coming and that you overlooked many problems through the years. Then again, you might be among many other Pennsylvania spouses who made the decision to divorce after a specific stressful event, such as catching your spouse in an extramarital affair.

Leaving an abusive relationship is dangerous for some victims

Leaving an abusive relationship isn't as easy as what some people think it is. The tolls of the abuse in the marriage can make it difficult for a person to walk away. One of the impacts of living as an abused spouse is that your self esteem waivers, which makes it hard to start a new life.

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