Travel Costs Are a Factor with Long-distance Parenting Plans

Long-distance parenting situations provide some challenges for both parents. It is imperative that you and your ex work together so that your children can have the love and support they need to thrive. One consideration to think about when you know that distance is going to be a factor in the situation is the expense of getting the child from one home to the other.

Right from the start, a formula has to be determined to cover the travel costs. For example, each parent might pay half the cost of all travel. Another option is for each parent to pay for the travel to their own home. Be sure to be realistic about what expenses this will entail. For example, flying might include a shuttle to and from the airport, snacks for during the flight and any related expenses that might come up.

Another thing that needs to be considered is how extracurricular activities and childcare costs will be divided. The answer to this might be that the parent who has the child with them will cover all these costs. Another option is that all of these costs are split regardless of where the child is when they come up.

You also must consider the medical care costs. Will each parent pay for a specific portion of the out-of-pocket expenses for the child or will the parent who has the child cover the entire cost? You need to find out about whether medical insurance will cover any expenses when the child is away from their primary home. Some geographic limitations might apply to the available coverage.

All of the decisions that you and your ex come to should be covered in a parenting plan. This gives you an outline of what will happen with various situations regarding your long-distance parenting.

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