Specific Requirements Are Found in Child Support Orders

Both parents need to help financially support their children. While this is easy when they live in the same house, there are often challenges when they divorce. Because there has to be some type of plan for who is going to pay for what, a child support order is a part of the split. This helps to ensure that both parents know what to expect and sets the obligations for both parents.

We know that dealing with child support matters isn't always easy. One of the most important things you can do is to know the full extent of the order. In many cases, these orders go far beyond the basic child support payment that one parent gives to the other to cover the expenses of the children.

Many child support cases include an order about who is going to pay for childcare costs and extraordinary medical bills. The support order likely requires one parent to pay for health insurance for the child. We understand that all of this might feel a bit confusing, but we are here to help you determine exactly what you should be paying for and what your ex is responsible for.

Child support orders are set based on what's best for the children when the order is written. It's possible to seek a modification of the order if your financial situation changes greatly. For example, if the paying parent loses their job, they may ask the court to reduce their obligation for a specific period of time. If you think that a modification is necessary in your case, be sure to ask for it right away.

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