Understand the Terms in Your Child Support Order

One of the difficult aspects of divorce is settling any factors related to the children. In many cases, this means determining the parenting time schedule that will be followed. This can also impact the child support that is ordered in a case. Thus, financial support is often a hot topic in the divorce. We know that this is a complex issue to have to think about.

Both sides of a case need to remember that child support is something that both parents paid during the marriage. Both of them paid for the child's housing, food, utilities, schooling, clothing, and other expenses. The only difference now is that one parent will give the other the money directly. The person who receives the payments isn't actually taking the money for themselves. They are receiving it on behalf of the children.

We understand that you might be some questions about child support. These are best answered right away because any missteps can lead to legal troubles if the child support order is violated. You should understand the payment terms, methods, and the potential for problems if the schedule isn't followed.

Another point that you need to remember is that there are times when the child support order will need to change. If you are paying the support and lose your job or have a drop in your income, you might file for a modification of the order. Be sure you do this as soon as you know that things are changing because the order will remain as is and you will be responsible for keeping up with the payments until the court changes it.

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