Domestic Abuse Accusations Can Mean Family Law and Criminal Cases

Domestic violence is a very difficult situation for everyone involved. When children are involved, things can become even more complicated. The judge who is overseeing a child custody case in which one parent is accused of domestic violence must ensure that the children are protected. This often means that the accused individual has to deal with some strict limitations on their parenting rights.

For the most part, the court is going to order that a parent who is accused of domestic violence has supervised visits with the children. These won't involve overnight visits, but there is a good chance that the order will change over time.

We understand that this is a hard position for parents to be placed in, especially when the allegations are unfounded. If you are dealing with this, remember that your reactions to what's going on are under scrutiny. You need to try to remain calm and relaxed because any signs of anger or aggression might be viewed negatively.

People who are facing domestic abuse accusations often have more to worry about besides child custody. Your social standing might be in jeopardy, and your job might also be in danger. These charges are taken very seriously, so you need to try to minimize the negative impacts of the situation.

Trying to fight the two-sided battle that comes with these cases can be challenging. While they are intertwined, the family law matter and the criminal justice matter aren't handled in the same manner. We can help you learn your options and determine how you are going to address the issues at hand. We know that you want to spend time with your children and that you need to protect your own interests.

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