How Prenuptial Agreements Could Be Good for Marriage

This article looks at three reasons why getting a prenuptial agreement could actually strengthen a marriage.

Prenuptial agreements are often considered a taboo topic for many couples who are considering tying the knot. While financial and legal experts regularly advise their clients to get a prenup, the prospect of a prenup actually strengthening a marriage seems counterintuitive. After all, many people view prenups as an indicator that one spouse is less committed to the marriage than the other spouse is. However, a prenuptial agreement is an important family law document that could make for a healthier marriage. Here's why.

Creating clarity on finances

As Time reports, financial disagreements are one of the leading causes of divorce. Many people have an incomplete picture of their spouse's financial wellbeing, which can create significant strain on the marriage when that couple encounters money problems. The best way to protect against financial disagreements is to be as upfront about each other's finances as early as possible. A prenuptial agreement forces each spouse to fully disclose their income, assets, debts, and other financial resources, meaning that the likelihood of unwanted financial surprises arising later in the marriage will be significantly reduced.

Learning to compromise

A healthy marriage is one in which each spouse can compromise and negotiate effectively with the other spouse. A "my way or the highway" approach is rarely a good attitude to take into a marriage. Negotiating a prenuptial agreement requires each spouse to be clear about what their priorities are and what they are willing to compromise on in the event of a divorce. Being able to do that before the wedding day is an important step towards learning how to communicate better as a couple.

Being realistic about the future

Romance is an essential ingredient for any relationship, but being overly idealistic can be a recipe for disaster in a marriage, which requires plenty of hard work. That may be why, as CNBC notes, prenuptial agreements have become especially popular among younger people, many of whom are the children of divorce themselves. Hoping for the best in marriage is certainly worthwhile, but being unprepared for the future is an invitation for stress and anxiety. Furthermore, avoiding divorce because one spouse is unsure about what the future may bring (because a prenup was never signed) is not a recipe for a strong marriage, but rather for resentment to build within a relationship

Family law help

For those who are preparing to tie the knot, signing a prenuptial agreement should be considered an essential step in their pre-wedding plans. A family law attorney can help couples draft an agreement or help individual clients determine whether a proposed prenuptial agreement protects their best interests.

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