Will Your Divorce Interfere with Your Business?

Your divorce may be among the most overwhelming and consuming events in your life. However, if you run a Pennsylvania business, you may not have the luxury of allowing the process to take up your time and energy. You know that personal issues of your employees can cause costly disruptions to the workday, and you want to minimize the effect of your divorce on the success of your company.

At the same time, you do not want to jeopardize your chances of reaching your goals in the divorce. You may have a lot on the line, perhaps including your share in the business. Because of this, you want to give your attention to the important details and to be available when your attorney needs to consult with you. Finding a delicate balance will be important as the divorce proceeds.

Privacy is critical

You may be someone who prefers to keep your personal life private, or you may be one who finds comfort in sharing your troubles with others. However, when going through a divorce, you want to be as discreet as possible to avoid placing your co-workers in an uncomfortable position that may impact their productivity. Additionally, it is not very professional to pull your employees or colleagues into your drama unless it is appropriate for them to know. Some ways to keep your divorce private at the office include these:

  • Do not take calls from your divorce attorney unless you are alone and can speak without others hearing.
  • Do not use your work email for divorce-related correspondence.
  • Keep your divorce documents put away and not lying open on your desk where others can see.
  • Be careful to remove your originals or any copies you make if you use the company printer or copier for divorce documents.
  • Any documents on your work computer should have their own secure folder.

In addition to maintaining a professional attitude, following the above tips can also protect the confidentiality between you and your attorney.

Organization is key

Divorce litigation can be quite time consuming. You may receive calls, emails and messages throughout the day as your attorney works on your case. It can quickly become overwhelming and interfere with your ability to maintain a successful business. You may want to set aside time each day to deal with these matters all at once. Additionally, staying ahead of your work schedule will help your attorney, especially if your job takes you out of town or may involve appointments that could conflict with divorce events.

Keeping yourself organized and your business running smoothly can relieve a great deal of stress during this typically stressful time. Having strong legal advocacy can also provide peace of mind as you move forward with your divorce.

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