Plan Carefully When Leaving an Abusive Home

There aren't any good things that can come out of an abusive marriage. For the victim, a priority is usually getting out of the situation, but this can sometimes be difficult. Some abusers will isolate the person so much that they don't have any way to leave. They don't have anyone they can turn to when they need a safe place to go. They don't have money to leave. This puts the abuser in full control, which is usually the goal.

We know that people in this situation might feel hopeless, but they do have options that they can explore forĀ getting out of the abusive home. They need to put safety first when they make the plan. If they try to walk out while the abuser is right there with them, they might face extreme violence. For this reason, they might opt to leave when the abuser isn't home.

As you plan to leave the situation, make sure that you have a safe place you can go. This can be a shelter that works with abused spouses. If you choose a family member or friend, be sure it is someone who will help to keep your location secret and who can stand up to your ex if necessary.

From a legal standpoint, you have the option of getting a restraining order. This is a court order that requires your ex to remain a specific distance from you. If they violate the order, they can be arrested. If you are ready to leave, this can help, but you must also exercise caution due to the risk of your ex violating the order.

We are here to help you obtain a restraining order, as well as a divorce. Just remember to put your safety first.

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