Does a High Asset Divorce Mean a Friendlier Divorce?

People who experience divorce come from all different walks of life. Those who have considerable wealth might worry that more assets means more potential points of contention. It's not an outlandish theory, especially considering that the number one thing couples typically fight over is money.

However, recent research suggests another idea. Some experts theorize that a certain threshold of assets will determine whether a couple has a friendly divorce. That amount is $5 million, according to one expert who says that if a couple's assets total more than that, they're less likely to argue. If you have a high level of assets but don't quite meet that number, experts have explanations for this theory that may help you through your high-asset divorce here in Pennsylvania.

What it means to be upper-middle class when divorcing

Some professionals in areas related to divorce say that couples who have less than $5 million in assets but are still fairly well off may be more likely to get in disagreements over that money during divorce proceedings. They theorize that maintaining social status is a significant concern to these couples, which getting a divorce and having to divide assets might affect. Some refer to people in this group as "America's fighting class." Even though they have means, experts say, they are predisposed to conflict within their relationship.

Get a pre- or postnup

A couple together with $1 million in total assets is considered financially comfortable, so it's easy to see that splitting that amount could have an impact on the life of each person. These couples should create a pre- or postnuptial agreement together for their marriage to ensure the protection of each person's interests. These agreements can specify the exact division of property and money in a divorce. Making plans before a couple has any problems is the best way to safeguard all parties involved.

If a marriage does end in a divorce, neither party should feel any sense of shame. Marriage is an opportunity for growth, even when it doesn't last. If you are considering a divorce, you can assemble a team of professionals to help you through the process and ensure that you receive fair treatment. It is possible to handle high-asset divorce proceedings with maturity and dignity, no matter the level of a couple's assets and income.

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