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A Prenuptial Agreement is simply a practical consideration of the legal and financial issues, if properly drafted by a lawyer, it provides peace of mind that your interests are protected in the event of a divorce.

Many couples do not need a prenuptial agreement. But if you bring significant wealth to the marriage or the other party brings a lot of debt, a premarital agreement isolates those assets and liabilities and streamlines the legal process.

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Montgomery County Marriage Contract Attorney:
Premarital And Post-Marital Agreements

A prenuptial/premarital agreement can protect a house, business, professional practice, retirement accounts or inheritance that one party owns before marriage. It also lists student loans, credit card balances and other substantial debts incurred in one spouse's name. A post-marital agreement is essentially the same except that it is entered at some point after the marriage has already occurred.

In a divorce, the parties go their separate ways with what they brought to the marriage. (Any new wealth or debt acquired during marriage is still subject to Pennsylvania's equitable distribution law.) For those entering a second marriage, a premarital agreement protects inheritance rights for children of the prior marriage.

Premarital agreements apply only to property, debts and voluntary settlements or spousal support. They cannot stipulate terms of child custody or waive child support.

Protect Your Interests Through Premarital Planning

We represent high asset and independent spouses who want to protect what they have. We also represent the dependent spouse who is asked to sign a prenup. In most cases we draft the document for couples, and thoroughly review it with clients; everyone enters the contract with eyes open and there are no hidden clauses or surprises.

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