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Even when parents live near each other, co-parenting conflicts are inevitable. Those issues are magnified when one parent proposes to move away with the children. It can be tense and highly disputed.

Testa & Pagnanelli, LLC, will forcefully assert your parental rights while exploring a realistic solution for your family. Practicing exclusively as family law attorneys, we have extensive experience with child custody disputes, including parent relocation.

We represent either parent in petitioning the court to relocate or challenging the petition. From our offices in Philadelphia and Norristown, we take cases in Montgomery County, Bucks County and throughout Greater Philly . Contact us today for a free consultation.

Montgomery County Child Relocation Attorney

If you are the relocating parent, you have the burden of persuading the court to grant relocation. The procedures for filing and giving notice are very strict and the court may order the child back to Pennsylvania if a parent moves away without first obtaining the court's consent.

The judge considers 15 statutory factors in granting or denying relocation, including the motive for moving, new employment, and proximity to extended family. The court's bottom line is whether the move is in the best interests of the child. It is critical to hire a lawyer who knows the protocols and how to present compelling arguments.

If you are the noncustodial parent, you cannot take anything for granted. You need a lawyer's help to demonstrate a bad faith motive or convince the court that the move would be detrimental to your child or your parental rights. Is the other parent moving to alienate you from your son or daughter? What opportunities, what support and what quality of life will your child have in the new locale?

Depending on the circumstances, relocation disputes may qualify for expedited custody proceedings.

Moving Out Of State With A Child · Negotiation And Litigation

We have prevailed on both sides of contested proceedings for parent relocation. If you are fighting to stay involved in your child's life, we will advocate fiercely for you. If you have good reasons to relocate, we will diligently represent you in family court.

By mutual agreement or upon ruling of the court, we have also helped clients resolve existing custody orders and parenting plans as they relate to relocation: summer vacation and holidays, travel logistics and expenses, contact and communication, adjustment of child support and joint legal custody (shared decision-making).

Philadelphia Parental Relocation Attorney

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