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When a parent dies or divorces, grandparents may find themselves abruptly cut off from seeing their grandchildren. Under Pennsylvania law, grandparents can petition for partial custody (visitation rights) or even primary custody.

At Testa & Pagnanelli, LLC, we are sympathetic to the plight of grandparents who have been suddenly and unreasonably denied access. We are experienced family law lawyers with two convenient offices in Norristown and Philadelphia who can convince the court that you should have regular visits or custody of the child.

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Montgomery County Family Law Attorney
Asserting Grandparents' Custody Rights

Perhaps you provided day care on a regular basis. Perhaps you were seeing your grandchildren every other weekend. Perhaps the grandchild lived with you for a time but the parents have resumed their roles. If you are now deprived of that relationship, your grandchildren are no doubt missing you too.

We have helped grandparents successfully petition the court for partial custody to establish a regular visitation schedule. We have also represented grandparents in asserting primary custody when the grandchild has been abandoned, abused, neglected or endangered by the parent(s).

Grandparents also have standing to file for expedited custody when they have been denied access for no reason.

Custody Disputes Between Parents And Grandparents

If you have never had a close relationship with a grandchild, a court will not try to create one. However, if you can show evidence that you have been a part of the child's life, we can get you on the docket and fight for your grandparents' rights in contested custody proceedings.

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