Philadelphia Expedited Custody Lawyer

Some things cannot wait for the assigned hearing date, which can often be months into the future. This is especially true in child custody matters when one parent is not allowing the other parent to see the child.

Expedited custody is unique to the Philadelphia family courts. Instead of waiting several months for a court date, urgent cases are brought before a judge within four to five weeks or even sooner if there is an emergency.

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Accelerating The Timetable For Urgent Child Custody Matters

In a typical custody case, the first court date is several months away. This is unacceptable if one parent has declared custody and refuses to let the other parent have visitation. The other parent should not have to wait five or six months to see his or her children.

Expedited custody gets a case in front of a judge much sooner. In a short hearing, the judge can rule on the specific legal issue at hand, and the non-emergency issues can be dealt with at the later trial date.

There are several factors that determine if your case is a good candidate for expedited hearing such as:

  • Temporary custody orders when parents separate
  • Refusal of visitation rights
  • Parent relocation
  • Temporary travel with the children
  • Sole custody (imminent danger to the child)

Montgomery County Emergency Child Custody Attorney

The danger of waiting several months to resolve custody or visitation is that the unauthorized situation becomes the status quo in the eyes of the court. Call us at 215-392-0863 or contact us online to discuss your emergency situation with a Philadelphia expedited custody attorney.