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What ways can a prenuptial agreement be invalid?

Many Pennsylvania residents have considered signing a prenuptial agreement. For a variety of reasons, however, many do not go through with the signing. Some may find it unromantic, or contrary to the spirit of marriage. Rather than romantic or in line with the spirit of marriage, prenuptial agreements should be thought of as merely prudent measures that can help prevent any number of disastrous divorce outcomes from occurring.

Serving the Pennsylvania divorce petition

With the decision to divorce in Pennsylvania, many emotions can arise. Sometimes, these emotions can cloud a Pennsylvanians' judgment and make it difficult to make decisions. This can make it challenging to know how to proceed. Even at the very beginning of divorce, immediately following the decision, a person may not know where to turn. Thankfully, this is not a process that anyone is expected to undergo alone.

Property division in a Pennsylvania divorce

When a Pennsylvania couple decides to part ways and move forward with a divorce, there are many aspects that will have to be settled. Often, the dispute will center around property division and which spouse will receive what. While children and emotions can cause problems as a marriage concludes, divorce legal issues that can take a long time to negotiate are property, household goods and bank accounts. This is true whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more modest means. Regardless, those who are in the middle of this type of situation have the have a grasp of what they are dealing with.

Who keeps the family home in a divorce?

When a Philadelphia couple reaches the end of a marriage, there are many questions that may arise. These questions can prove to be highly contentious, making it difficult for couples to discuss them amicably. Sometimes, it may prove challenging to come to any kind of understanding of these contentious issues, and divorcing spouses may feel as if they are going into certain parts of the divorce process blind. Thankfully, attorneys are available to help discuss all the nuances involved in divorce cases, so divorcing spouses do not need to worry about confronting these issues alone.

What can divorce do?

Philadelphia residents who are experiencing marital troubles may have many questions. For many, this is not an easy time in their lives. There is much about marital strife that can prove to be stressful. After all, there are very few who truly expect to experience divorce before getting married and many may worry about the stigma attached to the end of a marriage. Thankfully, by acquainting oneself with what can be accomplished in divorce, many of these stresses may be quelled.

Comedian couple files for divorce

Philadelphia residents going through a marital separation may become especially attuned to stories in the media related to divorce. Stories involving celebrity divorces, for example, may begin to stick out to divorcing spouses, when they may have overlooked such stories before. Though celebrity divorces often involve high amounts of money and assets -- amounts that some Philadelphia residents may not be able to relate to -- the core of these divorces is often the same as everyone else's divorce. Child custody and child support disputes, property division battles and other core divorce components play a part in many celebrity divorces just as with anyone else.

Protecting marital assets in a Pennsylvania divorce

Many Pennsylvania residents may be made uneasy when the topic of marital assets arises. Think about such matters can make people anxious and uncertain. However, there are many steps a couple can take to secure marital assets, whether that couple is in the process of getting divorced or is about to be married. Taking these steps can help to pave the way for a smooth marriage or divorce.

Divorce selfies are a growing trend

Much of the developments in modern life have far-reaching impacts that many Philadelphia residents may not have even considered. For instance, social media has become a large factor in the lives of many. Many choose to document all aspects of their lives, releasing all manner of details regarding their personal lives to the public. With the all-pervasive presence of social media, it is no surprise that there are ways in which public perception of divorce is altered by social media.

Grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania

There are several grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania. The ground of fault is just one of them. The Pennsylvania court may grant a fault divorce to the partner, when it has been established that the other partner has deserted the spouse without any reason for a period of one year or more.

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