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Legal counsel for grandparents who want visitation rights

In Pennsylvania, as well as across the entire United States, a parent may not be able to take care of the child for one reason or another. This could be because of illness, divorce or substance abuse. Under those circumstances, in the best interest of the child, a grandparent may have to raise the child. The visitation rights of grandparents must be validated by the court. If it has to be proved in court, that grandparent, as a family member, is the best person to take care of the child. However, the grandparent will need a solid argument to prove the case in a Pennsylvania court, and for that, the elderly family member may find the support of an experienced attorney very helpful.

Pennsylvania's visitation rights for grandparents

Some grandparents in Pennsylvania may be compelled to assume the role of parent when a child lacks proper parental care, or the grandparent believes a parent has been abusing a grandchild. If a parent suffers from mental illness or has a problem with substance abuse, a grandparent may have a new role to play. Pennsylvania family court, in the best interest of the child, may ask the grandparent to assume custody rights for a grandchild.

Aid for grandparents taking care of their grandchildren

Any Pennsylvania resident might agree that divorce usually hits children very hard. While their parents are eager to start a new life, children can feel insecure. Hence, in the best interest of the child, Pennsylvania courts often grant child custody to one parent. The non-custodial parent generally pays child support.

Lawyers defending grandparents' rights in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania law allows grandparents several visitation rights. In some cases, the grandparent may even be entitled to child custody in cases where the biological parents are unable to take care of the child or if it has been deemed to be in the best interest of the child by a Philadelphia family court judge.

What visitation rights do grandparents have in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, as in most states, when a couple divorces, one parent may be granted custody of any minor children and the other parent is given visitation rights. Still, what about grandparents? Will they also have access to their grandchildren? In other words, do these important family members also have visitation or custody rights?

What are the custody options available for grandparents?

Many Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, residents agree that grandparents play an important role in helping to guide and develop younger generations. Some readers may even recall how they often visited their own grandparents during vacation or when time permitted. Grandparents can sometimes become parents to their grandchildren under special circumstances such as a divorce or separation. Readers, especially grandparents, need to understand that they have rights that can be used in special cases to ensure that their grandchildren will grow and be loved in a nurturing environment.

The basics of custody for grandparents in Pennsylvania

A growing number of grandparents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are becoming more involved in raising their grandchildren. In many cases, children spend their vacations with their grandparents or visit their grandparents whenever they have time to do so. This can suddenly change when the children's parents separate or divorce. The grandparents' ties to their grandchildren may be abruptly cut off in such cases, leaving them with no option but to find a way to maintain their relationship with their grandchildren.

The importance of fighting for your grandparents' rights

In every state, Pennsylvania included, grandparents sometimes become replacement parents for their grandchildren when their own children can no longer act as parents. This often happens when their children are in the middle of divorce or are in difficult situations with domestic violence, serious illness or alcohol or drug problems. If the grandchildren's parents decide to divorce, this changes who has custody of the children. In many cases, grandparents are barred from seeing their grandchildren. When this happens, grandparents can seek to have their visitation rights upheld, especially if they have provided care for their grandchildren on a regular basis.

Delving deeper into Philadelphia grandparents' rights

Many Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, readers are thankful of their grandparents who molded them into who they are today. Some readers may still recall their weekend visits to their grandparents, or the times spent together on vacations and holidays. Nowadays though, often due to divorce or special circumstances, grandparents are becoming second parents to many grandchildren. In such cases, grandparents' rights must be exercised to ensure that the grandchildren are properly taken care of.

What is the importance of establishing grandparents' rights?

Historically, child custody and visitation issues arising from divorce only involved parents. But, recent legal trends now have family law courts considering the importance of grandparents in a child' life and allowing grandparents to gain custody or visitation rights, depending on the circumstances. If you are a grandparent who wants to be more involved in the growth and development of your grandchild, it is important to first learn what your grandparents' rights are. Knowing your rights will allow sound decision making for the benefit of your grandchild.

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