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Child support and medical expenses in Pennsylvania

If you have a child who is experiencing significant health issues, it is likely that a lot of your income goes toward paying medical costs, especially if you are uninsured. Children that have specific medical needs obviously need additional financial support, and this should be reflected adequately in child support orders.

When can I request an increase in child support?

When the other parent of your child pays you child support, the amount that he or she pays is based on his or her income at the time of the initial calculation. While it was correct at the time, this does not mean that it will stay sufficient and correct forever.

How to enforce unpaid child support

As a primary custodian, successfully gaining a child support order may be a great relief, since it can be very difficult to raise a child as a single parent, especially from a financial perspective. However, when the other parent stops paying the child support with no warning, it can mean that you as the primary custodian can suffer considerably, and you may be unsure of what you can do in order to enforce the child support order.

How uninsured medical expenses affect child support

Child support is usually ordered for the everyday needs of the child, whether it's food and clothing, support towards housing costs, or extracurricular activities. However sometimes unexpected circumstances arise in a child's life that cause them to require medical treatment.

What to do when you are struggling to pay child support

Child support orders are created with the intention of being fair to all parties involved. Therefore, there is a conscious effort made to ensure that the person who is paying for the child support is able to afford the payments. The child support order in Pennsylvania is always assessed based upon the needs of the child and on the income of the parent who intends to pay.

Unpaid child support in Pennsylvania

When a child support order is made by the courts in any state, it becomes a legal obligation. This means that the parent who has been ordered to pay child support must make sure that he or she makes child support payments his or her first priority after getting paid.

What can be bought with child support?

Child support is often believed to only be to provide the most basic needs of children. But child support orders are about more than just making sure that a child is fed and clothed. It is with the purpose of ensuring that a child has the best life possible based upon the incomes of both parents.

How many fathers don't pay child support that they could afford?

One excuse that people sometimes give for failing to pay child support is that they simply can't afford it. Life is expensive. They have to pay rent and utilities. They have to buy food. They just don't earn enough to make ends meet and still send that child support check off to an ex every month.

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