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How do I seek a child support modification after my divorce?

Life is full of changes and this is also true following a divorce. After a divorce, former spouses will have a divorce settlement and child custody order and child support order. Divorced couples in Pennsylvania may wonder, however, what happens if something changes. In general, post-divorce modifications can be requested based on certain circumstances following a divorce. In the case of child support, a child support modification may be granted in certain situations and circumstances.

Can a parent modify a child support order after a job change?

Reaching fair and agreeable terms during dissolution often takes times, and some divorcing couples in Philadelphia might have to overcome many challenges and resolve several dispute to come to a divorce settlement. While some of these decisions will remain and will go unchanged after the divorce decree is signed, when children are involved, terms involving the children might require adjustments as they age. A child support order may no longer provide the financial needs of the child or a parent may find it difficult making the required payments. Such situations could mean modification.

Understanding your child support options

As Philadelphia parents know, life situations can change in an instant. A parent may hold a steady job, every week getting a reliable pay check, when all of a sudden that job vanishes or no longer pays the same rate. When this happens, parents may begin wondering what child support options are at their disposal. After all, it can become difficult to either continue meeting the required monthly payments or otherwise supporting the child on an income that has changed.

Criteria for seeking child support modification in Pennsylvania

When a couple in Pennsylvania shares a child, there is often an agreement or court order that details a support agreement so the child is adequately cared for and all the needs are provided. This can be linked to a child support formula. In some instances, the circumstances regarding the agreement change and either the custodial parent or the supporting parent will seek to have a child support modification. There are certain factors that must be considered when a parent is seeking modifications.

Understanding child support options and how family law helps

There are a number of important concerns parents paying and receiving child support may have. Parents who are receiving child support may wonder how they enforce child support obligations and parents who are paying child support may wonder if they have options if they are experiencing difficulty paying required child support and what those options might be.

How parents' income is determined for child support

Pennsylvania parents know that making decisions for a child is not always easy. Sometimes, parents do not always agree on how to best care for a child. This is especially true when it comes to divorce. Parents going through a divorce often have to settle difficult matters such as child custody and child support. In many cases, one parent is awarded physical custody of the child and the other parent is ordered to pay child support. Then, the amount owed in monthly payments must be determined.

Child support trial involving Halle Berry begins

A divorce is often traumatic for children. The parents may be anxious to live separately but the children often feel differently. Therefore, with the best interest of the child in mind, U.S. courts, including those in Pennsylvania, typically award child custody to one parent and order the non-custodial parent to pay child support. That applies to celebrities as well.

Raising children alone can be expensive

Divorce can hit children hard. If the marriage was particularly difficult, the parents look forward to a better life ahead. However, the children are often gripped by a strong sense of insecurity. They may be unsure about which parent they will live with and which parent will financially support them. Hence, in the best interest of the child, Pennsylvania courts generally order one parent to take custody of the child and the other parent to pay child support.

Federal penalties for skipping child support payments

A divorce in Pennsylvania can be difficult, especially if children are involved. While spouses are eager to move on in life, it is often the children who suffer the most in a divorce. When the court considers the best interest of the child, the judge will usually order one parent to take custody of the child and the other parent to pay child support.

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