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Custody awarded to grandparents when parents fail

Raising a child is the generally the responsibility of his or her parents. Pennsylvania readers are aware that not all parents are fit to raise a child, which is the reason why some children live in foster homes or are adopted. Some custody arrangements extend grandparents visitation rights if it's in the best interests of the child. Those same grandparent rights can be exercised in cases where a parent is no longer fit to raise a child. Parents could be considered unfit when domestic violence is present or when a parent is arrested on criminal charges.

Grandparents help grandchildren during a divorce

In a divorce, children can be left groping for answers as they transition from living with their parents to staying in a single-parent household. However, as divorced parents sort out their differences and children are seemingly left in the dark, grandparents are making the decision to help everyone, especially their grandchildren.

More and more grandparents awarded child custody

For many grandparents, the only thing that can surpass their love for their children is the love they have for their grandchildren. Nationally, statistics over the last 14 years in particular show evidence that more and more grandparents are responsible for caring for their grandchildren. Currently, 2.9 million grandparents have taken over child-rearing responsibilities from their own children. And, as many Pennsylvanians undoubtedly understand, it can be far more difficult for grandparents for a variety of reasons.

Grandparents' rights take spotlight in three-part workshop

Parenting can be difficult. There are times when Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, parents are deemed unfit and the child's needs, as well as their overall well-being, are compromised. In many cases, as complicated as it may seem, grandparents take the responsibility for the unfit parents.

The growing case for grandparents' custody and rights

When Pennsylvanians talk about child custody battles, they are usually mainly referring to two people: the parents. As society changes with each passing year and decade, though, custody cases have increasingly become the concern of grandparents who have often decided to take primary care of their grandchildren when their own children cannot for various reasons.

More grandparents becoming parents to their grandchildren

In Pennsylvania and in states across the United States, any discussion about the custody of children focuses on their best interests. This mostly happens in divorce cases, but increasingly grandparents are having to consider those interests because they are stepping up when their children are deemed unfit parents or are otherwise incapable of raising their grandchildren.

Many grandparents assume primary caregiving of grandchildren

Older Americans, including many living in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are the primary caregivers of their children's children, a trend that is likely to continue, due to nontraditional family structures that are so common today. Many grandchildren also live in households headed by their grandparents, often without benefit of a parent in the household as well. Nontraditional family structures such as single parenting, unplanned parenthood, divorce and remarriage of their children are often reasons why grandparents assume some parenting responsibility of their grandchildren.

Grandparents' rights-parenting grandchildren can be tricky

Taking care of children is challenging and, at the same time, fulfilling, here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That may be the reason why the number of grandparents who look after their grandchildren is increasing. There are also other reasons why this shift is happening. Divorce, unplanned pregnancy and early parenthood, imprisonment and substance abuse are some of the common reasons why parents cannot take care of their children, which, in turn, can make the grandparents amenable to taking on parenting responsibilities.

Exercising grandparents' right in Grandparents' Day

Grandparents can oftentimes play an important role for families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are often considered the children's second parents and they teach the child values and get involved with fun activities with them. Even if the parents divorce, grandparents still have legal rights to their grandchildren.

Grandparents and their close relationship with grandchildren

Today, Philadelphia residents are aware that the roles of grandparents have changed. They are more attached to their grandchildren and some of them even step up in child custody disputes by exercising their grandparents' rights. Child custody disputes are sometimes settled by awarding visitation rights for grandparents, who have forged an unbreakable bond with their grandchildren.

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