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You do not have to stand up to domestic violence alone

It is not uncommon for Philadelphia residents to want to put on their best faces when going out into public and being around friends and family. No one wants to talk about their struggles or reveal the challenges that they face in their daily lives. It is often easier to simply deflect questions that may raise sensitive issues than to discuss them openly or acknowledge any problems even exist.

One such issue that can put Pennsylvanians on the defensive is domestic violence. Domestic violence exists in many forms and can include sexual abuse, nonsexual physical abuse, emotional abuse and other forms of harm. It can occur between spouses or partners, parents and children and other familial relationships.

Domestic violence is a real problem for many Philadelphiafamilies and can be isolating for the victims who feel that they must struggle in silence and on their own. However, no one who has been hurt by a member of their family has to deal with this type of serious trauma alone. Family law attorneys like those of Testa & Pagnanelli work with domestic violence victims to help them secure the legal protections they need to free themselves from the abuse they have endured at the hands of others.

Restraining orders and other protective orders can provide victims with enforceable rights that can keep their aggressors away from them as the victims further investigate means of keeping themselves safe. Although it can be difficult for victims to ask for help in these very sensitive situations the caring attorneys and staff of Testa & Pagnanelli are available to work with new domestic violence clients and to help them find legal remedies to the personal struggles. Victims should not have to suffer alone, and those who are enduring suffering at the hands of family members are invited to learn more about the firm online through its website on domestic violence.

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