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Can a grandparent request visitation with their grandchild?

When a parent is competent and has not lost their legal rights to make decisions about their children's lives, then they can often prevent their kids from having contact with individuals who they do not believe are good influences on the youths. However, certain instances may arise when third parties may request visitation time with Pennsylvania children, and the children's parents may not be able to stop courts from allowing such contact to occur.

Visitation requests of this nature often occur when grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren. If both of a child's parents are alive and oppose visitation time with the grandparent, there is little a court can do to compel the parents to allow the child to spend time with the grandparent. If, though, one of the parents is deceased and the parents of the deceased parent wish to have visitation time with their grandchild, then if a court finds the request to be in the child's best interests, it may permit the visitation request despite the surviving parent's objections.

Grandparents may also secure visitation time with their grandkids if their grandchildren have previously lived with them or if their grandchildren's parents are divorced and they have been prevented from maintaining relationships with their grandkids. Grandparents' rights regarding grandchild visitation can vary and will depend heavily on the facts of each family law case.

Children often benefit from having meaningful relationships with their extended family members, including their grandparents. If a grandparent requests visitation time with their grandchild and a court determines that such contact would benefit the child then it is possible for grandparents to maintain their relationships with their grandkids despite the children's parents' potential opposition.

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