Divorce for Business Executives

Business executives and other high-earning individuals face unique issues in the divorce process. If you are the primary wage earner, you risk losing significant assets if you are not well-prepared or represented by an experienced attorney who is familiar with local guidelines.

The lawyers of Testa & Pagnanelli, LLC, in Philadelphia and Norristown, PA, have significant experience handling complex, high-asset divorces for business executives. We understand what is at stake, and we aggressively pursue positive outcomes while defending and protecting the rights of our clients.

We know how hard business executives have worked to get to where they are, which is why protecting our clients' assets is so important to us.

Addressing Alimony And Child Support

Two of the biggest factors in a divorce for a high-wage earner are alimony and child support. Currently, state guidelines dictate how each will be awarded, taking into account the income of each spouse, the earning potential of each spouse, the time each parent spends with the children and many other factors.

While it is nearly impossible to avoid these obligations altogether, there is some room for negotiation. We offer effective, competent and experienced representation. We have handled many high-end divorce cases, and we know how to approach alimony and spousal support in a way that is favorable to primary wage earners.

Protecting Your Assets With A Prenuptial Agreement

Although negotiation is possible at the time of divorce, the best way to prevent major economic losses due to spousal support is to draft a prenuptial agreement. Although a prenup cannot address child support, it can address the way other assets are handled. Our attorneys will listen to what is most important to you and draft a prenuptial agreement that provides strong asset protection and that will hold up in court should you ever need to use it.

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