Philadelphia Division Of Property Lawyer

Property division can be emotional and sentimental attachments can make division of property and assets more difficult. Divorcing spouses may feel entitled to property due to the circumstances of the breakdown of the marriage or simply because they earned more money during the marriage; the reality of asset division can be an eye-opener.

As your divorce lawyer, we provide the perspective and strategies to secure your fair share under Pennsylvania's equitable distribution law. We will guide you to sound decisions that serve your immediate and long-term interests. We can negotiate a practical resolution that lets each of you move on, but are prepared to go to court to protect assets worth fighting for.

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Montgomery County Asset Division Attorney
Protecting Your Interests In Pennsylvania Divorce

We can knowledgeably address everything that may arise in dividing your marital estate:

  • The house and other real estate
  • A closely held business or professional practice
  • Pensions, 401(k) and other retirement accounts
  • Stocks and investments
  • Vehicles and boats
  • Valuables, furnishings and personal possessions
  • Property owned prior to marriage
  • Gifts and inheritances received during marriage
  • Credit cards, loans and other marital debt
  • Alimony, custody and child support

The marital residence can be a point of contention, especially if foreclosure is looming. Do you let it go? Pursue a short sale? If one spouse keeps the house, is the other entitled to compensation?

Property division commonly involves trade-offs. We help you define your priorities and find creative solutions. In an uncontested divorce, we can draft or review a property settlement agreement to submit to the court for approval. If the other party is playing hardball or if out-of-court settlement negotiations reach an impasse, we are prepared and ready to litigate.

Do You Know Your Property Rights?

We will personally sit down with you to discuss your goals and the big picture of your marital estate. For a free initial consultation with a Philadelphia division of property attorney, contact us online or call 215-392-0863.