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Social media pictures lead to divorce filing

In 2016, an American man found instant celebrity when his mugshot landed him modeling representation and a career in fashion after his release from prison. Known as the "hot convict," Jeremy Meeks has walked runways for famous designers and, through his unique path to celebrity saw his personal life become the interest of Pennsylvanians and others around the country. Recently, though, social media played a role in causing a rift between Meeks and his wife, which now will result in their divorce.

Meeks was photographed kissing another woman who then posted the images on the media sharing platform Instagram. The images were shared with Meeks' wife, who has since declared their relationship over and will begin divorce proceedings. This interesting story raises a multitude of questions for Philadelphians who may question what from their social media accounts will be considered if they choose to divorce their spouses.

Although every divorce is different, it is important for readers to remember that social medial accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others are effectively public. Though users can set privacy settings to limit who can access the information they post online, these searchable databases of personal information may be mined when individuals are subject to legal proceedings like divorce.

As the Meeks and his wife end their relationship, others may wish to learn more about their divorce options. In Pennsylvania, specific rules apply to who is able to divorce in the state's courts and when such divorces may be pursued. Consultation with family law attorneys can be an effective first step in beginning the divorce process and to ensure that the parties have taken the right steps to protect their interests as they work to end their legal unions.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, ""Hot Convict" Jeremy Meeks' Wife Says She's Filing For Divorce," Brittany Wong, July 10, 2017

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