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July 2017 Archives

Child support deficiencies may end in jail, license suspension

Although children need the love and support of their parents in order to lead happy, balanced lives, they also require financial assistance so that their basic needs such as food and shelter may be met. When a child's parents do not live together due to separation or divorce, a child may be placed in the primary custody of one parent and may receive child support from the other parent for their maintenance and care. In Pennsylvania legal formulas may be used to determine how much support a child should receive from their noncustodial parent.

Can a grandparent request visitation with their grandchild?

When a parent is competent and has not lost their legal rights to make decisions about their children's lives, then they can often prevent their kids from having contact with individuals who they do not believe are good influences on the youths. However, certain instances may arise when third parties may request visitation time with Pennsylvania children, and the children's parents may not be able to stop courts from allowing such contact to occur.

Social media pictures lead to divorce filing

In 2016, an American man found instant celebrity when his mugshot landed him modeling representation and a career in fashion after his release from prison. Known as the "hot convict," Jeremy Meeks has walked runways for famous designers and, through his unique path to celebrity saw his personal life become the interest of Pennsylvanians and others around the country. Recently, though, social media played a role in causing a rift between Meeks and his wife, which now will result in their divorce.

Domestic violence affects Pennsylvania residents

Domestic violence is more than a problem for many Philadelphia residents. It is a factor in their lives that may prevent them from holding down jobs, caring for themselves and others, and, generally, living lives free of fear and terror. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more Pennsylvanians suffer as the victims of domestic violence than readers of this blog may expect.

What types of child custody are available in Pennsylvania?

When married parents go through a divorce or unmarried parents choose to separate, their children may be caught in a difficult situation of having to split their time between the households of their parents. In order to prevent the children from experiencing uncertainty and to maintain their best interests, courts will create child custody and visitation orders that dictate where and with whom the children will live. This post will touch on some of the custodial awards parents may receive when courts determine their custody rights; readers with specific questions about child custody matters are encouraged to speak to their family law attorneys about their unique cases.

You do not have to stand up to domestic violence alone

It is not uncommon for Philadelphia residents to want to put on their best faces when going out into public and being around friends and family. No one wants to talk about their struggles or reveal the challenges that they face in their daily lives. It is often easier to simply deflect questions that may raise sensitive issues than to discuss them openly or acknowledge any problems even exist.