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What a lawyer can do to help Philadelphia grandparents

Many grandparents have close relationships with their grandchildren. In many situations, grandparents babysit their grandchildren regularly or at least see them frequently. And, in some cases, a grandparent may even step in and take over for the parent as the child's caregiver.

For these sorts of Pennsylvanians, who often do what they do out of love for their grandchildren and for no other hidden motive, it can be a real shock should they suddenly be told "no" when the try to maintain their relationship with the grandkids. Although, in some cases, it is because of something the grandparent did or failed to do, in many, if not most cases, it is because for whatever reason, the grandparents are now dealing with an unsympathetic son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

Our law office can help grandparents who are facing this sort of situation. While we cannot help grandparents who have never had a strong relationship with their grandchildren, we can take legal steps to preserve a relationship that had always existed but is now in danger. Maintaining a relationship in such family situations is crucial to providing a strong foundation for the children involved.

Asserting grandparents' rights is tricky because the law strongly favors parents and the decisions they make. However, it can be done effectively, especially with the help of an experienced family law attorney, like those who work in our office. It may be worth it to reach out to us if a grandparent is interesting in seeking visitation or, in some circumstances, even custody of his or her grandkids.

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