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Overview of how to get a Protection from Abuse Order

Pennsylvanians who are domestic violence victims have probably heard about Restraining Orders, which called Protection from Abuse Orders in this state. But, victims may still have no idea how to get one. Situations involving domestic violence are, of course, very serious. As such, it's important to understand how to seek the protection an individual needs and deserves.

First, a victim should call the police. But, not all reports of domestic violence get prosecuted, and this not normally the fault of the victim. Moreover, there is only so much the criminal justice system can do. Eventually, an abuser is going to be released from jail. A Protection from Abuse Order can be invaluable in these situations.

A Protection from Abuse Order is a type of injunction, requiring someone to do or not do something. The order may order an abuser to have no contact with the victim and not frequent places where the victim is likely to be. The order can even act as an eviction order, forcing the abuser to move. Residents should be warned, however, that not anyone can get an order on any grounds. Victims must be prepared to present a convincing case that they have been abused, confined, threatened or stalked.

An abuser who chooses to violate an order commits a criminal act. But, although the police can be helpful, a Protection from Abuse Order is only one part of a victim's overall safety plan. In many cases, it may also be necessary for a victim to seek the services of an experience family law attorney to get long-term help.

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