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Can I keep my child's parent from being around another person?

There are moms and dads in the Philadelphia area who are living separately, yet still trying their best to raise their children together. This arrangement usually means that they follow a child custody order or agreement, and this agreement ordinarily ensures both parents to get adequate time with their children.

The custody order will provide when and under what circumstances the non-custodial parent gets to see the child. There may still be outstanding questions about who else the child may see when the child is with either parent.

The general rule is that the parent who has the child gets to decide who else may have access to the child. In other words, each parent's time is, in theory, also time for that parent's family and friends to see the child. Generally, a parent is free to use his or her own best judgment in deciding who will be allowed to associate with the children.

In some cases, such as in situations involving grandparent's visitation discussed elsewhere on this blog, a third party, like a grandparent, could get a court order allowing them to see the child in question. In such cases, a parent is likely going to be obligated to follow the court's orders on visitation. Of course, that parent is always free to give the grandparents or other party additional time, but that is a choice.

A parent with a particular concern can go to court and ask that, as part of a the child custody order, the parents not allow the child to have contact with a certain person. This issue often arises if either parent is in another romantic relationship. While the courts cannot tell a parent whom they can see, they can order parents to keep the child away from the concerning person, if doing so is in the best interests of the child. In extreme cases, like actual abuse, a parent may be able to get a protective order directly against the third party involved.

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