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Legal help is key with child support in Philadelphia

When a Philadelphia couple is no longer involved in a relationship with one another but there are children involved, it is imperative that child support be dealt with in an upfront and evenhanded manner. This is true whether the parents were married and chose to divorce or the child resulted from an unmarried relationship. Regardless of the circumstances, the child's welfare is of paramount importance. When determining who will pay child support and how much, legal help is key. It is also vital with other child support issues that frequently arise.

Perhaps one of the parents - either the supporting or custodial parent - has a change in circumstances making it necessary to request that the child support order be changed. Child support modification can be complicated and it is often a mistake to try and negotiate with the other parent without getting the new agreement in writing with a legal document. A parent might not even be completely aware of what the other parent is legally obligated to do with the amount of child support and when it should be paid. This too is a time when a lawyer can be useful.

An unfortunate circumstance that sometimes arises is when the supporting parent is not paying what he or she is supposed to in full, on time, or is not paying it at all. The child is the one who suffers most for this and there can be a contentious disagreement between the parents if this is taking place. Rather than taking matters into their own hands, the custodial parent should contact a lawyer to try and move forward with child support enforcement procedures.

From the time the parents decide to part ways all the way until the child reaches legal adulthood, child support is an integral part of the lives of all parties. Whether it is formulating a support agreement, collecting unpaid child support, seeking a child support modification or any other issue that can come to the forefront, it is wise to discuss the matter with an attorney who has experience in helping clients with their child support cases.

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