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January 2017 Archives

What is marriage annulment?

The legal termination of a marriage in Pennsylvania is not limited to divorce. A court can also rule that a marriage is invalid. An annulment is granted where a marriage did not legally exist at inception, and courts look at several factors to determine a marriage's validity.

Domestic abuse order change may be ordered after Trooper's murder

Following the fatal shooting of Pennsylvania State Trooper, Landon Weaver, at the end of last December, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence called for revisions in the state's laws and procedures governing protection from abuse orders. Although Trooper Weaver was shot, while investigating an alleged Protection from Abuse (PFA) order violation, reports indicate that there was not an active domestic violence situation, and the person who sought the PFA order was not actually at the residence.

Pennsylvania divorce for out-of-state civil unions

Same-sex marriage and civil unions have brought changes to the traditional marriage and have presented new family law and divorce legal issues for Pennsylvania courts. Recently, the Superior Court ruled that women who entered a civil union in Vermont in 2002 could obtain a Pennsylvania divorce in 2016, although this state did not recognize same-sex marriages 15-years ago.

Prudent Philadelphia divorce filing in the New Year

A stressful holiday season, dealing with disliked in-laws and being cooped-up with children and visiting relatives compel married couples to make a new start and resolve the end of a marriage in the New Year. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that there is a 25 to 30 percent increase in divorce filings in January every year.