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The facts about domestic violence in Pennsylvania

Domestic violence victims in Pennsylvania do not have to suffer alone and without help. Resources and legal options are available to protect victims of domestic violence. Unfortunately, one in four women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. A total of 1.3 million women are estimated to be victims of intimate partner violence each year. The majority of victims of domestic violence are women with women accounting for 73 percent of domestic violence victims, however, men can be victims of domestic violence as well.

There are legal options available to help protect victims and stop abuse. During 2005, for instance, 39,371 protection from domestic abuse orders were filed in Pennsylvania. During 2006, 13,039 protection from domestic abuse orders were filed in Philadelphia. In total during 2006, 71,350 cases of domestic abuse were reported in Philadelphia. Domestic violence can be a terrorizing experience but it is important for victims to know they do not have to face it alone.

Different options, including restraining orders and protective orders are available to victims to help keep their abuser from harming them. In addition, if they violate a restraining order or protective order, they may face serious consequences and penalties which also helps to keep victims safe from harm suffered at the hands of their abuser. Domestic violence can take many forms and impact many individuals and families in different situations.

Regardless of the situation domestic violence victims are facing, the legal process provides protections to help and is there for victims. Keeping victims of domestic violence safe is a priority that the legal process can aid victims with when they need it.

Source: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, "Domestic Violence Facts: Pennsylvania," Accessed May 25, 2016

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