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Parenting plans help with parenting time and other concerns

Summertime is coming which usually means summer trips and vacations. This can present unique challenges for couples and families going through a divorce or who are already divorced. Vacations and trips out of town highlight the importance of a parenting agreement and the ways in which the family law process can help parents resolve concerns related to parenting time following a divorce or help them develop a parenting plan during a divorce.

Vacations are not the only important purpose for a parenting plan that is well thought out and able to meet the needs of the couple, children and family. Holidays are also an issue that frequently comes up for couples and families. A parenting plan that sets forth parenting time should be a part of the couple's child custody arrangement through agreement or a court order. The parenting plan can include arrangements for holidays and vacations, as well as how to resolve issues as they come up.

A parenting plan can help couples and families avoid disputes and conflicts and resolve parenting time concerns. It is helpful to begin addressing concerns early on, as life changes and each summer, or year, may be different regarding vacation and holiday schedules. This way, couples may be able to reach an agreement and if they cannot, have time to bring a motion before the court to resolve their concerns. It is important to prioritize parenting time and negotiate to achieve what is best for the children and the family.

A good parenting plan will provide a basis for parents to maintain a clear line of communication and resolve concerns related to time spent with the children. It is helpful for parents to work together, something the family law process provides resources to help facilitate, which leaves more time for the children and summer vacations.

Source: HuffPost Divorce, "How To Get Through The Summer If You're Going Through A Divorce," May 25, 2016

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