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May 2016 Archives

Steps for making it through a divorce as positively as possible

People in Philadelphia may think that divorce is an unpredictable process. But guidance can be helpful to know what to expect and how to make the divorce process smoother. A more amicable divorce process can be desirable to help couples reach settlement agreements and work together in the future if necessary. It can also save the couple time and money during the divorce.                        

How do I seek a child support modification after my divorce?

Life is full of changes and this is also true following a divorce. After a divorce, former spouses will have a divorce settlement and child custody order and child support order. Divorced couples in Pennsylvania may wonder, however, what happens if something changes. In general, post-divorce modifications can be requested based on certain circumstances following a divorce. In the case of child support, a child support modification may be granted in certain situations and circumstances.

Understanding what a restraining order can do to help

Domestic violence can impact individuals from a number of different backgrounds and can have a significant effect on families. Restraining orders can offer protection in abuse situations and are a common method of protection when abuse in present in a relationship or family. In Pennsylvania, a restraining order is referred to as a protection from abuse order. A protection from abuse order orders an abusive party not to have contact with the victim of abuse.