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What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner can teach about divorce

Pennsylvania residents in the midst of a divorce may pay special attention to celebrity divorce cases in the news. Although much about celebrity divorces may not be easy to relate to - the large assets involved and the amount of media attention are not things that are relevant in the divorce cases of many Pennsylvania residents - there are always elements of celebrity divorce cases that are just like anyone else's. These elements can help those who are in the process of divorcing understand how certain components of divorce may play out.

Those who pay attention to celebrity gossip may be aware that celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are going through a divorce. According to reports, the couple decided to split one day after their tenth wedding anniversary. This is interesting, as ten or more years of marriage can have an impact on spousal support. Also, after the ten year mark, the lesser earning spouse may be eligible for Social Security benefits, and possibly military benefits, depending on the other spouse's earning record.

As becomes apparent, the details of celebrity divorce cases may help Pennsylvania residents understand certain components of their own divorces. For instance, the length of time in which a couple is married impacting alimony is an issue that affects not just celebrities, but any long term marriage.

There are many nuances involved in divorce cases. Even seemingly insignificant details can have large ramifications. In order to fully understand how all the details in a divorce can alter the outcome, it often require the legal expertise of an attorney. An attorney can help divorcing spouses come to a fuller understanding of the various elements that can impact a divorce.

Source: Forbes, "Ben and Jen: Celebrities who break are just like us," Jeff Landers, March 8, 2016

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