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Ways prenuptial agreements can help

There are many Pennsylvania residents who have signed or considered signing prenuptial agreements. However, there are still those who may refuse to even consider the option due to certain misconceptions. Though it may be true that prenuptial agreements are not necessarily the most romantic gesture, they are a very prudent measure -- which for many couples is more than enough to want to draft one. For many couples, signing a prenuptial agreement often gives them peace of mind and can actually strengthen a marriage.

Perhaps one of the reasons couples hesitate to sign a prenuptial agreement is because they are unsure exactly what a prenuptial agreement can accomplish. With a prenuptial agreement, couples can protect marital assets, as well as prevent one of the spouses from passing on debts to the other spouse. The financial rights and responsibilities the spouses will have during marriage can also be outlined and made clear in the agreement.

Another way that prenuptial agreements can help involves the property division component of divorce. Couples can decide exactly how property will be distributed after divorce. Property division is often one of the more contentious and complex elements of divorce. Thankfully, by drafting a prenuptial agreement, it is often possible to pave the way for as smooth and painless of a property division as possible by ensuring that a couple's wishes will be carried out.

For couples who are about to enter into a marriage, a prenuptial agreement can be a prudent financial measure. Knowing the ways in which prenuptial agreements can help often helps couples decide whether or not to draft such an agreement. Family law attorneys are available to help couples understand the options available to them.

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